Who we are and what we do

LesPlan Educational Services Ltd. has been providing North American teachers with current events resources since 1990. Our goal is to help teachers develop students' understanding of and ability to critically assess current issues and events by providing quality, up-to-date, affordable, ready-to-use resources.

Our team of classroom teachers, writers, and illustrators select the previous month's top news stories, then craft age-appropriate, leveled stories summarizing the key points and perspectives for students. We include the background information often lacking from traditional news stories – as well as key vocabulary definitions – to help students understand the issue, and strive to present all sides of any debate. Our aim is to foster understanding and develop critical thinking so that students can develop their own positions on each story we cover.

Our guarantee

We continually strive to maintain our reputation for consistently providing top-quality resources. If any of our publications fail to meet your expectations, you may cancel your subscription at any time and receive a full refund for all remaining issues.

I have had many parents comment to me about how great they think [What in the World?] is, and they look forward to each month’s issue coming home...This is a great resource for a small country school to explore the global issues that affect us all.

K. Camelon, Grade 7/8 teacher Admaston, ON