What in the World?

What in the World? / Le Monde en Marche is a photocopiable current events resource, published in English and French, for Canadian students in grades 5 through 7 (Level 1) and grades 8 through 10 (Level 2). Designed to enhance students' understanding of and interest in current Canadian and international events and issues, this publication addresses numerous curriculum outcomes while saving teachers valuable time.  

Published eight times a year, each issue focuses on recent top news stories and includes:

  • Four news articles, written at a level students can understand;
  • Relevant background information to enhance understanding of each event or issue;
  • On-the-line, between-the-line, and beyond-the-line questions;
  • Analyzing a political cartoon assignment;
  • Examining a news photo assignment;
  • Crossword;
  • Quizzes;
  • Map assignment;
  • Answer key.

A full-year subscription costs $190, including shipping. Subscribers receive one copy of each issue which they may copy for use by all teachers and students within one school. Alternatively, teachers may choose to copy one class set, or to duplicate the resource onto overheads.

Subscriptions are delivered by first class mail, or via Internet download. Subscribers ordering the electronic version of our publications receive an email notifying them when a new issue has been posted and providing them with a password to download the PDF file from our website. Electronic subscribers benefit from immediate delivery and from the ability to modify any part of the publication before printing the file, to suit the needs of a particular class.


It is a relief to have a resource that fits with the curriculum and is teacher-friendly (ready to hand out). The added bonus of having the answers to the questions and discussion notes makes my life just a little bit easier.

B. Thibodeau, Grade 7 teacher Saskatoon , SK