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Building Bridges

(NEW!) Building Bridges/Bâtir des ponts is a photocopiable current events resource for students grades 5 and up. / is an engaging, online interactive current events resource for students in grades 3 and up.

The Canadian Reader

The Canadian Reader / Nos Nouvelles is a classroom-ready current events resource for students in grades 3 and up.

What in the World?

What in the World? / Le Monde en Marche is a photocopiable current events resource for Canadian students in grades 5 - 10.

The Canadian Reader Issue 4

  • No Place to Call Home
  • What a (Food) Waste!
  • A Canadian Blasts Off to the ISS
  • Map: The International Space Station
  • Comic: The International Space Station

What in the World? Level 2 Issue 4

  • No Place To Call Home
  • An Inferno Called Paradise
  • Where Has All The Wildlife Gone?
  • 3-2-1, Blast Off!

Building Bridges - Level 2 Issue 2

  • Jeremy Dutcher’s Polaris Prize
  • Indigenous Language Revitalization

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Breaking News

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Supplementary News

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My students enjoy the What in the World? articles and will frequently nag me for the next issue before it has arrived!

C. Ryan, teacher of grades 7-12, Calgary, AB