/ is an engaging, online interactive current events resource for students in grades 3 and up.

This 21st century teaching and learning tool explores local, national, and international news stories. It works across all platforms, from iPods to iPads to desktop computers, allowing teachers and students to make meaningful use of the Internet whenever – and wherever – they choose.

C4K is published once per week (except over Christmas and Spring Break) from mid-August until mid-June.

Key features of this exciting new resource include:

  • Weekly articles that orient students to important news stories and provide the background that is key to their understanding of the issue.
  • On-the-Lines and Between-the-Lines quizzes that check students' reading comprehension and literacy skills. Scores are automatically sent to the teacher's account where they are easily sorted by class, student, and other criteria.
  • A comment page where students can respond to the stories. Responses are sent to the teacher who can edit, request revisions, or grade them.
  • Links to relevant articles, resources, maps, photos and videos enhance and extend students' understanding of the story.
  • Suggested activities including pdfs of the articles and quizzes to enhance students' language skills.

A subscription will help you to:

  • Encourage non-fiction reading by providing age-appropriate, leveled, engaging and relevant text.
  • Build students' vocabulary and background knowledge.
  • Make better use of technology and time. Teachers may require students to read and interact with the website outside of class time; explore C4K during class, in a computer lab or using a SmartBoard or similar technology; allow students to work independently on a classroom computer once other work has been finished; print off pdfs of all key pages and explore the stories using pen and paper; use the article and resources as a springboard into an inquiry-based project.
  • Provide students with an opportunity to express their opinions in a safe, structured environment.
  • Save time by automatically grading quizzes and allowing teachers to manage writing assessment online.

Most of all, Currents4Kids will excite your students about their world, and what's happening in it!

How it works:

Access for a full school year (10 months) costs $230 per school; after receiving access to the site, the subscriber may invite all the other teachers within the same school to join their account. Teachers can then create classes listing their students. 

*Please note that Currents4Kids and Infos-Jeunes are separate sites. A subscription is required for access to each one.

Visit Currents4Kids at

… et Infos-Jeunes at

Please note that no student information is collected by LesPlan and students' privacy is fully protected.

I encourage all Social Studies teachers to make this a regular part of their curriculum.

M. Froment, teacher of grades 6-8, Morinville, AB